MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit

Must watch video ! This video begins with extreme doggy style farting POV in leather pants. There is a symphony of fart sounds from my ass as you imagine yourself receiving these treasures. My laughing face is visible in an inset so you can imagine the contempt I feel for you weakness for my beauty. Then the scene switches to my slave, already waiting under the toilet where he belongs, as I walk into view dressed only in red panties and high heeled shoes. You get to hear me sigh and moan with pleasure as my slave prepares my asshole with its dutiful kisses and tongue worship. Of course, no matter how hard it tries I always enjoy its suffering so I whip its balls to hear its desperate cries. It is like a baby lamb licking so intently as my bare feet alternately fondle, tease and torture its balls. Finally, as my the asshole becomes engorged and grows larger the slave it all the way in my asshole with its tongue until finally it is rewarded with my delicious shit. I all it to clean my asshole from the same position. Then I get up, now fully naked except for my high heeled shoes, and order the slave to get on its hands and knees to eat my holy shit from the floor. Of course, I start whipping the slave and it begs, Please stop, though to no avail. I walk from one side to the other so you get to see my pussy and my ass as I amuse myself. The sunlight shows you my perfect skin and glints off the smooth curve of my firm ass cheeks and the full, luscious lips of my perfect pussy. you will be tempted to imagine being a man, though you are only a TOILET. I laugh as it whimpers as I would laugh at your tiny dick if you were MY TOIELT! The last scene is of my slave trying to eat my shit off the floor. Imagine if you were so lucky. Download MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit movie

Home study piss and shit

Young highschool sweethearts are doing some home studying. While the young woman had another idea, she pushes her boyfriends mouth into her panties to sniff it and lick her pussy then she pisses on him and shitted a slimy watery shit then finish him by sucking his cock and making him cum! Download Home study piss and shit movie

Enema For Toilet Slave GoPro

Oh toilet slave? Do you want to taste something amazing? Something so delicious? Something straight from my big, beautiful ass!? I am going to fill my ass up with this huge bag of water! Then Im going to squirt out a massive load of disgusting, smelly brown water with chunks of my filth in it! I know how much you love to eat my shit! Do you want to drink my dirty enema water as well!? Its not like you have a choice in the matter! Get down on the floor, right under my ass! Im about to fill your belly with all this nasty brown water! You are going to drink it all up and you wont complain about the awful stench either! You love the taste of my ass! You love the taste of my shit! Now you are going to learn to love the taste of my enema water! Enjoy, toilet slave *This video is the same as Enema For Toilet Slave only its filmed with my GoPro so you get a nice wide angle view of my enema! Download Enema For Toilet Slave GoPro movie

Corn! Dine and Dump!

Check out this nice big, juicy corn on the cob! I am going to eat it all and make it become my poop! Listen to me talk dirty to you as I devour my corn! I can?t wait for it to become my shit! I love how visible corn is when I poop it out! Those kernels don?t digest very well! I love seeing the bright yellow corn mixed in with my turds! Mmm! That was good corn! Now I just have to wait a few days for it to become my poo poo! Yay! The wait is over! I can not wait to squeeze these hard corn packed turds out of my asshole! They sure are packed in there tight! It takes a lot of pushing and grunting before this nice size load comes bursting out of my hole! I get off on watching the turds all onto the days old corn cob! I pick up my fresh turds and break them apart. I dissect them. My turds are filled with the bright yellow corn I ate days before! The corn looks so pretty in my shit! Download Corn! Dine and Dump! movie

Christmas Piss Surprise

HO HO HO Merry Christmas pervert! Boy do I ever have a treat for YOU! Its almost Christmas and I thought Id spoil you a little……on my terms obviously. Im gonna fuck with your mind so bad you have no idea…starting with my sexy voice which makes you so very weak. You will be begging to do ANYTHING for me……ANYTHING! Soooooo get started with my filthy dirty panties. Go ahead and start by cleaning them with that nasty slave mouth of yours. When your done I want you to get nice and close to my asshole, it needs a good cleaning too. Youre gonna enjoy my farts, I saved them especially for you….but dont worry I have something even better. The gift that keeps on giving…..my golden nectar! Yup lay down because I need a toilet….your mouth to piss in. Ive been holding it all day and it needs to be released badly. Download Christmas Piss Surprise movie

Dessert of my shit

I have a slave who loves to eat dessert of my shit. Sometimes I like to smoke a cigar and little bit drink a good whiskey after hard day. Slaves enjoy watching how I eat or drink. Because then it is waiting for a great dessert of my ass. My toilet slave like when I give him a lot of scat, but before that I need to eat well. I shit in his mouth – he must eat all of my scat. Also, after I go to the toilet, the responsibility of the slave enters necessarily lick my ass clean. I would also like when my toilet slut to drink urine of me pussy. I think its fine and Im very pleased. How beautiful and cute to shit in your mouths, losers. Open wider your mouths and swallow my spit, eat all of my shit and drink my piss. Ill see you tomorrow at the same place as my personal toilet. Download Dessert of my shit movie

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