CUSTOM REQUEST – A male slave is waiting a cage. You let him out and after he licked your boots you slap his face and spit into his face/mouth and tell him that its feeding time. He must lie on his back and you squat over him and shit into his mouth. But you want that he sees what he has to eat, so you tell him to put the caviar next to his head on the floor. Next he has to put his head over the caviar and sniff it intensively. Then you brutally push the male slaves head into the pile of caviar with your hand and order the male slave to eat your caviar. To make it harder for him, you tie his arms behind his back and command him to start eating. For fun you push his head into the remaining caviar now and then. You make sure that all of your sacred caviar is consumed and at the end he must lick the floor clean. When the slave lacks enthusiasm to eat his meal, you do not hesitate to whip him severely. Download MISTRESS GAIA – RELEASED FOR SCAT LUNCH – HD version movie

Fed and stuffed with scat

Even in 24/7 jail, my slave gets a truly balanced breakfast so he can fulfill his daily work well. The beautiful left over cake from the coffee with my ladies was not to taste for the slave. Fuck it, I crushed it before his eyes with my bare feet and fed him with my bare foot. Suddenly the slave grunted and smacked, sucking every crumb between my toes. So I thought thats even better and shat him a nice portion of my divine mistresses ass directly in his filthy slave mouth. Even with the lovely fresh scat in his mouth, I stuffed the slave with my bare foot, as mmmh tastes. I fisted him so hard with my divine foot in his mouth, that he almost seemed puking and let him wank his wretched slaves cock, but even that was not the losers decent and he began to bore me with it. Shortly thereafter, I left him in his cage and got the next loser – lets see if he is a better slave… Download Fed and stuffed with scat movie

Drink my piss and clean my pussy!

Hes lied down on the floor with a funnel ready for his Mistress golden nectar deposits. His Goddess Mistress deposits her sweet juice into shit mouth and he drank it all like a thirsty slave. He was then ordered to clean his Mistress pussy after they way she likes it and he did as he was told. Mistress is happy and so is he. Download Drink my piss and clean my pussy! movie

Scatboy must be trained P2

After Lisa had shit in his face i have to shit to and like to shit in his stupid mouth but he does not manage it and his mouth is closed. what a stupid scatpig. That is the time for Lisa and she begins to smear the hole shit over his toiletface and his body with her boots. Finaly the toiletslave is totally coverd with shit. http://www.yezzclips.com/store750 Download Scatboy must be trained P2 movie

My Bitches Puke on Me and I Love It! – non HD

I worship my bitches so much that Im willing to take in their bodily fluids…yes, even their smelly pukes. One night they had to much too drink and they are ready to explode vomit all over the place. Luckily, Im prepared…I lined the tub with plastic sheet. So I take all my clothes off and then I sit in the tub, waiting for their puke to rain down on me. They take turns shoving their finger up their throats and puking at me in the tub. I fucking love it! Download My Bitches Puke on Me and I Love It! – non HD movie

The Mask Part 3 Chrystal

Here we have a Movie that was very heavy on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Girl around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option swallow fast or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by swallowing all and fast. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inside. English Subtitles Download The Mask Part 3 Chrystal movie

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