Fart Torture For Baby!

Mommy loves making you suffer baby! Its so fun and entertain to me. I love to tease you and be mean to you! Thats why Mommy is going to make you smell her farts! Yes, baby, Mommy is going to fart right in your sweet little baby face and make you smell my farts! Im going to fart over and over and over again and laugh at how disgusted you get! Youre going to be a good baby and smell Mommys farts! Be a good baby and maybe Mommy wont be too mean to you! Haha! I cant not be mean to you! Its just too much fun! Mommy loves seeing you suffer! You suffer just like a sweet little baby! Its so fun for Mommy! Mommy is going to fart in your face and in your clean diaper and you will have to smell like Mommys farts all day! Mommy has something really evil planned too! I get out your bottle and I unscrew the lid. I put the bottle to my ass and push out a HUGE fart! I quickly put the lid back on, trapping my fart in your bottle! Its time for bed baby! Heres your dinner! A bottle full of Mommys farts! Enjoy! Download Fart Torture For Baby! movie


Part 3 – These mean girls picked on new girls in the campus. Anyone they feel tormenting they do it! The new girls gets humiliated in front of other girls being pushed around, beat up, undressed and to add up to the humiliation these mean girls has fetish for piss and shit! They specially likes the new girls poop! So they extracted it off the new girls Download MEAN GIRLS JAPANESE STYLE! Part 3 nonHD movie


this movie was produced for a member of us who ask for a custom clip with Godess. He wanted to see a foot worshipping, spitting in mouth, ashtray, stockings and 2 pairs of high heels, humiliation, piss drinking and shit (Diarrhea) in mouth – all with Godess with face on camera:) Beside those Godess have a new idea, to use a long double dildo to spank my ass, body, face, pushing her COCK in my mouth and after she shit in my mouth, she use as lubrified to fuck my ass with that dildo !! All real action, all real Diarrhea, cock strocking with Diarrhea of Godess on it, mouth fucking with shitty dildo. This video was 22 minutes long, so we splitted in 2 parts : Part 2 right now here Download FOOT WORSHIP AND DIARRHEA PART 2 movie

The wanderer

Miss Jane and me meet a wanderer, who asks us for the way. Of course we have some fun with him and guide him to the wrong direction. In the end he gets pissed at and must eat my caviar. Download The wanderer movie

Smother You With My Farting Ass!

Look at my big, juicy sexy ass! I have such a huge ass! And its very stinky too! I am always farting! I know you love my big, smelly ass! I am going to smother you! I will sit on your face and fart and fart! I want you to suffocate on my ass and farts! You will only breathe when I allow you! And you will suffer through the stench of the farts that keep coming out of my asshole! Smell my farts as I sit on your face! Enjoy! Download Smother You With My Farting Ass! movie

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