Panty pooping Severe constipation and Struggle with rock solid shit

Ive been holding my poop for 4 days cause Ive been waiting for you to witness me taking a shit. Ive got a surprise for you: I want you to watch me poop in my white panties. Ive been holding it for so long that it doesnt want to come out! I want to make my body understand that now is the time to let that poop come out. I have to move my body and relax I walk a bit, move sensually, tease you by showing you under my skirt before to take it off. Does it make you horny? How much you want to see me poop in those panties and make them dirty? I can feel my poop inside, it is slowly going down. I take off my shirt. I feel like its going to be a very hard log. I come closer to the camera and start pushing. This shit is rock hard! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push, push, push! Finally some shit comes out, creating a bump in my panties. There is still more! I use my hand to feel my shit, it is incredibly hard! My asshole is still wide open and there is a piece of shit halfway out. I continue pushing and you can see the bump moving as I push, but that damn piece of shit doesnt want to come out. I push, push, push again until that rock hard shit finally comes out of my tight asshole. Wow! I really felt like I gave birth to my shit, it was so hard to make it come out! I tease you by showing you the bump my shit has created. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I stand up and walk a bit and move my dirty ass. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty panties right now! I feel the bump with my hands and comment on how hard it is. Then I decide to sit on the bar stool and try to squish the shit all over my panties by humping the chair. But believe it or not, that shit is so hard that even after putting all my weight on it, it kept its original shape! It actually feels like Im sitting on something really really hard just like your dick! I stand up and tease you with my dirty panties again. I touch the bump and you can see the rock hard pieces through the fabric. Incredible! I want you to cum for my pooped filled panties! Do you want me to remove my panties? I take them off and show you my dirty asscheeks. I show you my shit and the inside of my panties from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. Dont you wanna put your cock in my dirty asshole right now? I also show you my very hard poop from a closer angle. I also added an extra scene: it is a short video with a close-up view of my poop and dirty panties. (If you are wondering why that clip is so long, maybe its because I had too much fun doing it and I didnt see the time pass. The shitting part also lasts 12 minutes! I struggled a lot to make that shit come out! I hope youll like the clip. It was my first ever panty pooping vid.) Download Panty pooping Severe constipation and Struggle with rock solid shit movie

Lady Missy – Shit in the Mouth of the Cleaning Slave P2

Lady Missy is comfortable on the couch and smokes a cigarette while her toilet slave is on the floor and lick up the shit. Lady Missy spits on the ground. The slave must lick up the spit too and the ash from her cigarette. She is very arrogant and tortures the nipples of the slave. She knows exactly that is painful for him. But look into her eyes, she enjoy it. Download Lady Missy – Shit in the Mouth of the Cleaning Slave P2 movie

Teacher punishes schoolgirls with after school detention

A group of naughty schoolgirls are made to stay behind after class for their misbehaving during class. Little does this teacher know that these girls are exoerienced mistresses trained in the school of Yapoos Market. To practice their trade, they all decide to carry out revenge on this teacher who has no idea of how far this punishment will go. They kick him down to the ground and batter him down using chairs. After stripping him and positioning his head at the side of the desk, they hold his mouth open while each of the trainee yapoos mistresses take their turns in pushing out fresh scat into his helpless mouth. He is getting both pee and scat in various deliveries. After delivering their loads into his mouth, their smother the bits he is unable to swallow before beating and humiliating him. After they have finished, they leave him humiliated and helpless on the ground before leaving him like the piece of shit that he is. **$5 Discount for longer clip** Download Teacher punishes schoolgirls with after school detention movie

SamanthaStarfishs Poop School: Tasting

Welcome to SamanthaStarfishs Poop School! These lessons will help you become more comfortable with your poop. We will start out very slow and work our way up as the lessons progress. In this lesson we will take the next steps towards becoming a master at scat play by learning how to taste our shit. We will start out very slow and work our way up so that by the end of this lesson you will be able to put an entire turd in your mouth! This is a non judgmental, open learning space. You can go at your own pace. It may take you weeks to be able to taste your shit or you may already be able to do it. This is a great video for anyone who wants to work on learning how to eat and swallow poop. This lesson will begin with a discussion and the move on to a hands on learning portion.You will need to have a fresh load of shit to work with. This is a great lesson for anyone who is interested in taking the next steps towards furthering their scat play and their love for poop. Download SamanthaStarfishs Poop School: Tasting movie

Scat Party 2011 Part2

After the slave has eaten the huge portion of shit, it goes to the other slaves, who should be hungry. At first we give him our pee, then Lady Grace craps in the mouth of her toilet slave. Next part will Princess Nikki shits into the mouth of the toilet slave Download Scat Party 2011 Part2 movie

Dirty games

Helpless left to me, my slave has to suffer some dirty games again! As I like it very sadistic and dominant, he is fed up with my pee with a cone and eats some caviar. What a fun! So in the end we have something for everybody this time – scat, pee, needles, cbt and slaves vomit. Download Dirty games movie


I know you love my feet, but even more my ass, right? I know youd like to put your tongue inside to clean it all … so, I call you and you come to me to be my toilet, the womens toilet! Look at me while I produce a lot of shit and then a lot of golden rain just for you! Think about it: a nice facesitting after my shit and piss, a dream for you, wipe my ass and pussy! Download MISTRESS GAIA – THE WOMENs TOILET movie

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