Lesbians scatology experiment – HD

These two room mates, lesbians are trying out new technique of making out. This time they are trying scatology technique where she went looking for her girlfriend and found her in the bathroom having a shit she told her she wants to make out with her but do not wipe her ass as she wants to lick it dirty, in the bedroom she started licking her girlfriends dirty ass hole. She then got a plate and told her to take more shit on it and she did too. They both shit on the plate. After shitting they smell their shit and it smell bad, but then they continue their experiment, she fed her girlfriend with her own shit and she chew it. Then start kissing, this scatology experiment is growing in both of them so they continue making out. *** HD only ***Special discount Download Lesbians scatology experiment – HD movie

Scat.Janny Domination

I have put handcuffs on the slave which completely immobilized his body. I am spitting in his face, sitting on it because I wanthim to become mouldy. I like to feel my slavesbreath under myass. I tortured him, now hell have to eat my shit. I sat down on his mouth and shit mouthful. My servant is greedily eating my delicious shit! It was very comfortable for me to shit on my slave on the table. So, I have placed my favourite toilet chair, and ordered the slave to lie under it. Now I can comfortably sit and watch the movie, and shit into the slaves mouth. My slave will eat my sweet and tasty poop. Download Scat.Janny Domination movie

Lady Lucy First Time Scat

Here you can see exclusive Lucy Delunatic. She shits her first time in a mouth of a slave. Of course I also must urgently and I do think about how my shit plops in the mouth of my toilet slave. But first of all, the slave has to lick her butthole before she can shit. http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 http://www.yezzclips.com/store750 Download Lady Lucy First Time Scat movie

Face-sharts before shitting in his MOUTH

I sent my subby boyfriend out to get me some new lingerie and he knows I like thongs. I really only wear thongs and boyshorts. But he came back with a pair of white full back mesh panties from Target?!? What happened to Victorias Secret only?! Haha oh ell no. Honestly this is trivial but Ive been looking for a reason to put him under my ass again as hes been following rules lately but this will do. No matter how small the violation.. this is where you will be. Helpless, under my ass and at my mercy. I wrap him from the neck down in my favorite industrial clingwrap making all escape and resistance hopeless, seeing as it will be needed for what has been coming out of me lately. I started a new vegan diet and everytime I have to fart I have to go to the bathroom to make sure its actually a fart.. its horrible. Immobilized in his new cocoon I straddle his face and let him have the latest aftermath of my new diet.. and as I expected.. THEYRE WET… How good of you to buy me these new panties baby!! Theyre perfect for shooting my wet shtty farts right onto your face, and everytime I sit right on his nose the mesh is like a strainer squeezing everything trapped inside these white mesh panties right into his nose on the other side. How terrible.. Awhh poor baby.. God theyve never smelled this bad.. How about I remove these panties and let the full effect straight into your nose?! No? Ah well, Im taking them off anyway.. Straight liquid on and into his nose. Thata boy. Suck it back.. but today is your unlucky day.. Haha I think Im going to have to sht soon… as he begs me not to with his mouth against my pussy.. nothing but mumbles.. Open your mouth … he actually refused so I gave his helpless nuts one HARD slap to show him I meant it.. there we go.. open wide baby… haha I love it.. I filled his mouth and continued to pile gas right into his mouth on top of it.. What a good little bitch.. No matter how small your fuck up.. this is how youll pay for it. Lick my ass clean.. Oh I forgot your mouth is full LOL… Its alright that he wont swallow it though.. I order him to push it back out of his mouth right as I smash my ass into his face so I can smear and grind it into his nose and cover him completely.. how fucking pathetic is he.. Cant even follow one simple task.. This is what my slaves get.. Enjoy that sht baby. ———————————— A MUST HAVE CLIP PACKED full of farts/sharts directly onto my slaves face, visibly staining and filling the ass of my panties and draining into his nose with every smother. Also shot from a farther angle to show face throughout clip which transfers into a closeup angle for the toilet duties Download Face-sharts before shitting in his MOUTH movie

Daddy Wants My Shit!

Finally, Daddy is home! I can tell him that the toilet in my bathroom is broken! I tried to flush after I pooped earlier but the toilet wouldnt flush. I call down the hall and try to find Daddy. I hear him in the bathroom. I go in to tell him that the toilet is broken. But I catch him down on his knees with one of my big, stinky turds in his hand! Daddy is on the dirty bathroom floor sniffing my shit! I am shocked and disgusted at first! How nasty! Why is Daddy sniffing my gross shit!? I cant believe that Daddy gets turned on by poop! Its kind of hot though. I like seeing Daddy down there on his knees with my shit in his hand. I have something else for Daddy. I didnt wipe my ass very well after I pooped! I have shit all over my poophole and up my ass crack! Here, Daddy, do you want to sniff my dirty asshole! If you like my shit so much, how about you lick it off my ass! Lick my ass clean, Daddy. Crawl to me and sniff my shitty ass! Oh, I like it Daddy! I like you sniffing and licking my filthy shithole! Youre so nasty Daddy! But I love it! I love you down on your knees licking my dirty hole clean! Do you want to see if I can shit for you too Daddy? I spread my ass wipe for Daddy to see and I push out a tiny, wet turd! Its enough for Daddy to lick up! Daddy loves my shit! And I love feeding him! Enjoy! Download Daddy Wants My Shit! movie

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