Back in action WMV

After a long hiatus Mistress Dee formerly Mistress Missy is back in action and ready to use the toilet again. She starts off with some nice farts in its face before releasing a thick long monster log into is waiting mouth. After the huge log she makes the toilet lick her shitty ass clean. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Back in action WMV movie

The Shit eating Machine

Before sex with my lover I shit my shit eating machine in his mouth. Where other people have a mouth, has this object a shithole! A hole where everyone must shit can use it. While we make love together in the bedroom next door, the slave time has chew my shit and swallow everything! He has no choice. Because its mouth is taped shut for safety with powertape until it has swallowed everything. Download The Shit eating Machine movie


Godess wanted to pee and shit a nice diarheea but she was in a hurry because somebody must come in a few minutes in her apartment, so she call me to empty herself quickly !! Because she didnt like it to shit or pee anymore in a real toilet she use my mouth all the time for this kind of activities !! Enjoy the movie, today without sound. Tomorrow will upload another with sound ! stay close Download SHITTING DIARHEEA IN A HURRY movie

Shitting Hard for the Money!

There are perverted individuals who will actually pay for people to shit in front of them and this lady makes loads of money for this service! Naked and ready to shit, she sits on the floor and thrusts her ass for you to see. She ejects a small load of soft shit on a tissue to avoid making a mess on the carpet. She receives the cash in exchange for the shit she just dumped on the floor. Download Shitting Hard for the Money! movie

Scat session with Giantess and her slave! – Full movie

Full movie? Tiny man is being pleasured by his Giant Mistress where he receives her golden juice straight into his mouth and he drinks it! Then he gets to eat his Mistress pussy and get smothered with her BIG ass. She then deposits her BIG shit and a load of DUMP into his face before scrubbing it all over! MUST WATCH! Download Scat session with Giantess and her slave! – Full movie movie

Wellness Scat P1

Today is the day for Wellness for Mistress Michelle and Lady Marie. The slave has to hold the plate, where everything ends up from the Ladies. The plate is filled with cornea, fingernails, dirt under the nails, spit and piss. Then Lady Marie pisses still in a glass. Now it is time to lick all the great things of the plate because Lady Marie has to poop. So there is a spoon and then the plates emptied from the slave who has to hold the plate, because Mistress Michelle has to pee. Then Mistress Michelle take a seat on the face of the slave and Lady Marie is pooping on the plate. Download Wellness Scat P1 movie

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