The electric toothbrush

My slave waits for me for his daily treatment. This time I wanted to clean the teeth of my slave – but in a special kind! First I shit a nice portion of scat into a bucket. I gave the bucket to the slave and put electricity to him. A advised him to now clean his teeth with the shit. Meanwhile I was playing on the knobs of the electricity torture device. Additionally I peed into the bucket. I fed him up with a spoon and afterwards he must drink the leftovers through a cone. He started to vomit and as punishment he must clean the floor with his tongue! (scat, pee, vomit, electricity, worship, whipping, toilet slave, boot domination, cbt) Download The electric toothbrush movie

Abducted to Produce Scat – Full Movie

The two girls were sleeping inside their dorm room when several men grabbed them and took them to an undisclosed location. When they woke up, they saw a dark laboratory with a creepy-looking doctor. They were tied and made to observe whats happening around them. They saw girls tied up, naked, and made to produce scat for some mysterious purpose. Download Abducted to Produce Scat – Full Movie movie

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