Hanging Pig

Lady Christina, Lady Catherine and Mistress Michelle have tied the toilet slave pig and have fun a little with the slaves. He must lick the shoe soles and gets the snot of Ladies directly into his slaves mouth. But not only that, he is also used as a toilet slave. Without asking he get shit in his mouth, piss, spit and vomit. Bon appetit slave pig. Download Hanging Pig movie

No Need for talking Part 4

Part 4 of the Movie “No Need for talking with Nataly” .Here the Slave is already set up as Toilet with a Mouth Opener in Place comfortable for the Girls to use. The Girl just opens his Mouth with the Switch tied to his Arm, poops into him and after finishing she sits down on the Chair next to it and keeps her Shoe on his Mouth until he swallowed all and leaves. Movie has english Subtitles Download No Need for talking Part 4 movie

The shit wafer

The toilet in chains cries for some food. He does not know, that I do not mind about that. So I shit in an ice-cream wafer and decorate the result with some icky fishcream and my pee. What a fun, to order the loser to eat this! *smile* Download The shit wafer movie

Teachers shits and Farts for student

Well lucky for you guys..I NEVER show my face in scat videos, do not expect it to happen regularly. This is a RARE moment and was an accident but lucky for you. Do not expect this mistake to happen often though and#128521; This is a longer role-play video, full high quality HD. You have been a bad student, not doing your work and the work you have been doing isnt very goodlets talk about this! You dont mind that Im a bit gassy today do you? By the looks of your boner it seems to me you are getting off on hearing your teacher fart! Since you like that so much I have a much better and bigger surprise for you! Follow me to that bathroom.come along. I have to take a shit and while I push out a big one I want you to jerk off to my massive tits, get yourself close to cumming but do not explode until I shit. I know you love watching me shit so when I do I want you to cum for your teacher ok? CUSTOM VIDEOS MISSMADISONSTONE@HOTMAIL.COM Download Teachers shits and Farts for student movie


My Godess surprised me today when she put me in front of a bowl and ordered me to eat her shit and drink her pee out of it. And as a reward, i was blessed to lick her pussy lips and asshole before she shitting in that bowl. I think i will used with this if she will feed me everyday . . . Download FEEDING SLAVE movie

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