Turd Taco 720p HD

Mistress Rayven decides to make her shit slave a taco for lunch but not an ordinary taco; its made out of her foul turds. She drops some nice turds onto a tortilla and makes him lick her shitty ass clean before lunch. Download Turd Taco 720p HD movie

I Thought It Was A Fart!

I love how it feels when I have awful uncontrollable gas! My farts are so stinky and sexy! I love showing off my big gassy ass! I was making a fun, sexy farting video today when something awful happened! I knew I had to shit soon. I always have the best gas when I need to shit. But I didnt think I would need to shit anytime soon! I was pushing out fart after fart! I was really getting into the smell of my farts and how hot it feels when they burst out of my ass! I was getting really turned on! My farts kept getting louder and louder and a lot smellier! I knew I had a real stinker ready to come out! I could feel it bubbling inside of me! I spread my ass cheeks but what came out was not a fart! It was a big wet nasty load of shit! Ewww! It was so gross and so embarrassing! I had a nasty diarrhea accident while I was farting! So much wet runny shit just burst out of my ass like a waterfall! And boy did it smell! I cant believe I just shit myself! I had know idea I had to shit that bad! I though it was a fart! Download I Thought It Was A Fart! movie

How I wake up on friday

Tolstoy said that an established routine is essential to getting work done, and I am very productive. A slave that performs its functions automatically, without verbal instructions is a great productivity tool. So, every Friday morning, I am awakened by the sensation of my slaves tongue worshiping my pussy. His moans of longing are the first thing I hear. Once I am awake, it wordlessly lays on its back and opens its face hole, lying motionless to accept whatever waste products I might need to dispose of in its body. It is just a thing, no more part of the human world than a porcelain toilet. Without being told, it massages my asshole with its tongue, loosening the tight muscles to facilitate more efficient shit delivery. It actively positions its mouth to suck in my shit continuously and seamlessly. Almost a shit vacuum. I recommend other Mistresses look at their slaves not just as source of sadistic amusement, but as an smartor at least trainableappliance. Not only does it boost your productivity, it crushes your slaves self-esteem, teaching him that he is no more part of the human world, but a toilet. Download How I wake up on friday movie

060.1 Italian Style SCAT

060.1 This is a TOP video of 29 minutes with a very, true, italian style of scat. I have no words to describe, 29 min is a long time, and it is only the beginning because the video 060 is during 1 hour and an half. Let you see it. Im Mistress Isabella, i upload my video on my self and it is not easy doing from Sardinia. Im from Milaan but i live in a wonderfull island, and, sometime like now, to have a good internet connctinon from here it is hard, hard like my turds. MP4 Download 060.1 Italian Style SCAT movie

Tied Slave Humiliated by Double Team Mistresses

A tied slave is bound with his arms and legs tied. His mistresses kick him and control him with their whips while humiliating him and showing him theyr are his bosses. To show him this, he is given freshly delivered runny shit into his mouth. He cleans his mistresses boots which have become soiled. He is a pathetic loser and it shows! *SPECIAL DISCOUNT* Download Tied Slave Humiliated by Double Team Mistresses movie

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