093.5 Tortures delights Miostress Isabela

093.5 Full delight of my slave. I do not care if you will be my slaves or if you are only virtual, i do not care abouth. I really do not care. I just hop to see Markus here by me, so i will sure to have a very sl. May be for a few time, may be only for one time, i do not know. About this session 093 (it is not a scat session but hard BDSM) you can se the end of this video, I let my slave delight. But… with tortures…. MP4 In a few time i will upload clips in english, I know you like it!!!! But the Language is not so important, the important thing is to find a Real Mistress. Im not a scat girl, Im a Mistress. Download 093.5 Tortures delights Miostress Isabela movie

Femdom Piss Party 09

Princess Nikki, Princess Mini and Princess Smiley together humilating a slave, what a party! Spit at him slap him, let him lick dirty shoe soles and sure pissing in his mouth. Nikki and Mini piss a lot stright in his mouth, Smiley piss in a glas and lets him drink! Download Femdom Piss Party 09 movie


Beautifull clip of 17 minutes, Mistress Isabella use like a human tolilet one of her best slaves! Scat and Kaviar, beautifull close up. You must see it!!!!!! MP4 . Italian language but everyone can understand very well whats happen!!!! Download KV TOILET MAN movie

stairway piss

Princess rachel evans piss on the stairway, her slave toto have to clean everything, she spits in his face, then she piss in a cup and the slave is alowed to drink all the yummy piss! Download stairway piss movie

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