Scat Cats Day1 P4

The toilet slave is far from finished with his breakfast. He gets still dessert served by the two Scat Ladies. They put him in a funnel in his mouth and throw up in there. The slave must swallow everything, chewing is not possible and not nessesary, it was chewed yet by the ladies, hahaha. But thats not enough, he has to lick everything from the ground while he gets trampling and the cattle prod, which should inspire in swallowing even faster. Download Scat Cats Day1 P4 movie

Mommy is fuking her asspussy for you

Mom and her Son live together, the Father has gone long time ago. So it is all about them they against the rest of the world. Mom wants her Son to stay at home with her forever. He doesnt need anyone else, she can give him everything he needs. No other woman can love him like she does. She knows he has sexual urges though as she does too. She commits that she has sexual feelings for him and she doesnt want to repress them anymore. So Mom wants to get really dirty for her Son and show him all of her kinkiness. Mom masturbates in front of him and tells him to stroke his cock for her. She wants him to cum with her together. He will see, that he really doesnt need other women. All he needs is Mommy. Download Mommy is fuking her asspussy for you movie

My grateful piece of shit.

My slave write me a letter! It says how grateful he is being my slave. I do not know whether it is rousing or rather pathetic hahaha. Anyway, he got a fresh turd in his mouth for breakfast! Oh, and here is the letter translated, for you can see how stupid can be this shiteater hahaha! “Thank you Goddess Scatha for let me be your slave and treat me like a human crap. Im very happy being a piece of shit at your service. Thank you for trampling, burning and use me like a trash can or an ashtray. I love to lick clean your dirty soles with my tongue, and of course to do the same with your asshole before you shit. Thank you for control my money and spend it for me, its the least you deserve for giving me the privilege of use my nasty mouth like your personal toilet and let me eat your delicious shit. I hope to can be at your service and at the service of you will want. At your feet, your Piece of Shit.” Download My grateful piece of shit. movie

Scatophilia Lesbians Caught in the act! – Full Movie

These two lesbian students are so hot for each other that they skip class to head to the bathroom and make out. They fondle each others tits and swap lots of spit. The first girl goes down and licks the other girls asshole to stimulate it. This makes the other girl produce shit, which she unloads on the first girls hands. The first girl smears the sticky poo all over their hair and bodies and they go back to making out. The door suddenly opens and the other students catch them on the act, laughing at their shit-smeared clothes and bodies. Download Scatophilia Lesbians Caught in the act! – Full Movie movie

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