Mistress Roberta – Humiliation , footjob and toilet training

My italian toilet slave is today very happy to see me so i sit on my toilet sit as always and pee in his mouth and he drinks all of it i start to play with his little cock and he gets unpatient to feel the shit in his mouth so i start shitting untill i fill his mouth and face and alow him to play with himself until he cums after i wipe my ass and stick the used paper in his mouth Download Mistress Roberta – Humiliation , footjob and toilet training movie

Laxative Experiment Gone Wrong!

I bought a bottle of laxatives! Ive never used them before and I am very excited to try them! I start out slow and take two pills. I think Im only supposed to take one but I want to have a nice big pile of shit for you! I dont think two pills will hurt… Its been hours and nothing has happened yet! I think I will have to take two more laxatives. It shouldnt be long now before my asshole is spewing out shit for you! Oh my god! What have I done! The shit is just exploding out of my ass! Blast after blast of wet, stinky shit is pouring out of my shithole! My belly is cramping and my asshole is farting and bubbling out wet shit! It wont stop! Every few minutes I have to run to the bathroom as more wet, runny poop comes flying out of my shithole! My ass is on fire! There is just so much shit coming out of me! It is splattering all over my bath tub! My whole apartment smells of my disgusting shithole! The first two rounds I film for you so you can see all the shit coming out of my ass. The third round of shit I am cramping and farting my shit out on my toilet! I am getting completely cleaned out! Ive never shit this much before in my life! It just keeps coming and coming! When will it end! Why did I have to take so many laxatives!? Enjoy! Download Laxative Experiment Gone Wrong! movie


This is the first training session for a slave who wants to become my personal toilet. Surely, the first time is tough! But he must get used to swallow all my divine shit, even the small pieces that fall to the floor. My shit, in fact, is something precious, a holy relic to venerate and adore that you can not throw away. If this slave will pass this first test, I will let him masturbate. Download MISTRESS GAIA – FIRST TRAINING SESSION – mobile version movie

Eat and be grateful

Today I prepared some new toys for my slave! First he is bound to the cross and gets the ball pillory with spikes in it, then he is allowed to feel my nice nipple clamps with heavy weights. Then I treat his cock and balls with hard beats and candle wax. After a while his whimmering is boring to me, so I prepare a nice meal for him. He has to eat my shit out of a dog bowl. After he starts vomiting, I take a cone and put it in his mouth to feed him further with scat and pee. So eat and be grateful! Download Eat and be grateful movie

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