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Olivers training as a human toilet

Since I hate to have bad trained staff, Ive taken a lot of time along with Miss Jane, to train the newly acquired slaves Oliver for human toilet. Because it was his first time, and we wanted to give him no chance to defend themselves, we have fixed him defenseless on the gyn chair. He has to concentrate on swallowing and not to a meaningless defense. Like a big baby we have pushed him a spoon after another full of shit and piss in his mouth. After some time, he acquiesced and could now be freed from its fixed position. He had to swallow the rest of the slurry, mixed in the meantime to a brown soup. Through our intransigence we have convinced Oliver to overcome his urge to gag and swallow everything. Download Olivers training as a human toilet movie

Training of the Toilet Slave P4

Lady Sandy and her mother are sitting on a couch and looking at the toilet slave how is eating the shit of Lady Sandy. Then the mother of Lady Sandy suddenly spits into the grave of the slave. Then the ladies begin to trample the slave. After that the mother of Lady Sandy whip the slave, while the slave have to do physical education. It seems that she likes it to humilate slaves. Download Training of the Toilet Slave P4 movie

Schoolgirl uses and humiliates human toilet

Back in the public human toilet the pathetic confined slave is awaiting to perform his duties. This schoolgirl has never used a human toilet and finds it all quite amusing. She takes great fun in unloading ribbons of her sweet shit and also showering him in her golden pee. After getting cleaned by the human toilets tongue she looks down at him and laughs at his shit covered face. Download Schoolgirl uses and humiliates human toilet movie

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