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Miranda dines, watch a movie, and feeds her slave a delicious chocolate, which falls out of her beautiful ass. But before that, she profusely farts in his nose…Slave lies and suffocates from the smell of tasty farting of Mistress Miranda. When Miranda has finished her dinner and feeding her slave, she whipped belt her submissive slave. Download Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth movie

Nude Beach Piss!

Im at a nude beach! Its such a beautiful day! The perfect day to be out at a public beach completely naked! I strip so sexily for you and show of my naked body! I run into the water and show off my huge tits and big, juicy ass! Ive been drinking a lot of water! Its so hot out here in the sun! Now I really need to pee! There is no bathroom here at all! I will have to piss in the sand! I dig a hole in the sand and squat over it. There are people on the beach next to me! I hope they dont see me pissing! Oh it feels so good to let all of this pee out of me! It makes my pussy tingle with pleasure! I reach back and rub my clit a little and get piss all over my fingers! Even though I am in public I cant help but taste my sweet, pungent piss! I am such a dirty piss lover! Enjoy! Download Nude Beach Piss! movie

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I was about to run to the bathroom but I couldnt hold it in! Actually while trying to show off my ass some shit accidentally fell out! Its a brown mountain of dark shit for you! I get my ass up in the air, spread my cheeks and shit on a plate for you. Encouraging you to eat it and lick my plate clean…after all that is OUR duty! And while you watch me shit for you Ill encourage you to jerk off and give you a count down! Download Mountain Shit Served movie

My boots licker is hungry

Bound to the pillory my little boots licker is waiting for his meal. But first my muddy boots must be cleaned. He does well, so he will now receive his dinner. What a pressure inside of me ? this time we have real power in shooting a huge load directly in his mouth. He chokes, but then swallows the whole portion. Spitting it out again is difficult with a boot in the mouth? *laugh* Download My boots licker is hungry movie

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