Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Drumstick Dine and Dump! In celebration of Thanksgiving I thought I would make a special dine and dump video for you all! I start by cooking a big yummy turkey drumstick on the grill. It looks so good! I cant wait to eat it and make all that meat my shit! I slather it in BBQ sauce to make sure I get nice and messy! I love getting my food all over my hands and face! Then I just start digging into my meat! Mmm! It tastes so good! I love tearing off huge chunks of meat and chewing them up! The hottest part is knowing that soon, all of this turkey I am eating is going to be my shit! Ill be pooping this meat out so soon! And Im going to let you watch as I push out those yummy turkey filled turds! Now it is Thanksgiving Day! Ive got an ass full of turkey meat poop and Im going to empty my ass right on top of the turkey bone! I climb up on top of my kitchen table and squat right over the plate. I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and then I push those turds right out! Oh it feels so got too push out that shit! I love the way my ass stretches open and I love knowing that my poop is filled with the turkey I ate a few days ago! Yum! Download Happy Thanksgiving! movie

Time For Dinner Toilet Slave!

Toilet slave, are you hungry? I bet you are! I bet you are starving. You only get to eat the shit from my asshole. That is your only source of food. You will eat the shit from my ass and nothing else. So I know you are hungry. You are starving for my shit! Is your mouth watering? Is your belly growling. You will eat every last drop of my shit, slave. You will eat it all. Do not choke or gag and even attempt to spit up my shit! You eat it all because you love the taste of my poop, toilet slave! You cant get enough of my shit! Now open up! Im going to shit in your mouth! Enjoy! Download Time For Dinner Toilet Slave! movie

Oh my what have I done?!

My shit is litterally on the verge of exploding, my stomach is rumbling and my digested food is fighting to come out! I run as fast I could to reach the toilet in time but I couldnt hold it any longer my shit started exploding in my silk underwear as I open the door of the toilet. All my shit comes out and I only made it to close the door so I shit right there on the floor of the toilet! I hope no ones come just yet. Download Oh my what have I done?! movie

214.2 Scat KV Halloween German slave

214.2 Look, think and after write me abouth. When a slave loose my BIG TURD it easy to understand that Im not happy. In ENGLISH. I do not punish this slave by wipping just because he say me before to come by me in Sardinia he can not have torture. But, he know, i punish him in the next days and in the next movies (we do) by cerebral punishment and psicological too, into video 215 and 216 that i will publish here on Yezz. My english is very bad, i hope you can understand what i mean. MP4 Download 214.2 Scat KV Halloween German slave movie

229.2 Waiting my poo…..

229.2 Today is very difficoult to use my toilet slave because….. nobody can see my turd! But staing under my ass looking for it is a beautiful sensation! Now Im speacking italian because Im very angry… i feel my poo inside but i can not do it!!!! MP4 Download 229.2 Waiting my poo….. movie

Trampled , smothered and scatted!

This domestic slave is spending some quality time with his mistress. He is trampled under her feet and then smothered under her asshole as she controls his breath. She then orders him to sit below her custom scat stool and to hold a funnel in his mouth. She fills it with her pee and he consumes and swallows her sweet nectar. After this is finished, her asshole expands as she pushes out a fresh shit for his consumption. Once his mouth is full, she uses her fingers to push more of her scat deep into his throat! Download Trampled , smothered and scatted! movie

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