Toiletslaves shit cock Part1

It`s glorious to watch Miss Flowers while she orders someone to eat her crap, which she even brought out of her ass. As a matter of course she spitts afterwards several times into his wide open chops. Totally cool. She doesn`t really know this Human Toilet, rather a few minutes, but she uses him as she is fancy to. She has such a amazing manner using Human Toilets for her pleasure. Download Toiletslaves shit cock Part1 movie

Emily scat saturation

The action begins with the fact that I go into the room and begins to caress myself. I wore my new shoes and I want that my slave licked them. My slave is lying on the table. I thrust a heel in his mouth and he licks my shoes and feet. Then I sit down on his face and begin to shit in his mouth. After my shitting, a slave is obliged to thank me for a delicious dinner. I want you ate it all and enjoyed the taste of my shit. I like to spit in your mouth full of my shit, dirty whore. Im so angry, and make you eat everything, bitch – I shove all my shit in your throat. Download Emily scat saturation movie

White Panties Adventure: Ass Fucking!

I just filled my panties with a huge load of warm shit! It feels so good smeared all over my ass! Look how sexy my big ass looks with shit smeared all over it! You want to fuck my shitty ass dont you!? Oh, please! Fuck my shitty asshole! Push your hard cock into my filthy hole! I want you to get shit all over your cock and all over my ass! Fuck me hard and fast and make me cum for you! Cum on my big shit smeared ass! I take my big, thick dildo and work it into my ass crack. I imagine that its your cock. I talk dirty to you and beg you to fuck me with your cock! I take the dildo and slowly insert it into my shithole! It feels so good! Im getting shit all over my ass and hands and all over your cock! I fuck myself harder and harder! Im so turned on! I want to cum so bad! I keep fucking my filthy, shitty shithole harder and faster! It feels amazing! Its your cock fucking me right now! Oh fuck me! Fuck my dirty asshole! Fuck me hard until I cum all over! Fuck me! Fuck my shitty ass! Enjoy! Download White Panties Adventure: Ass Fucking! movie

Close to my toilet

Today I took a shower in the bathroom. The toilet slave crawling and asked me to shit in his mouth. And I really wanted to shit. He licked my ass before Im to shit. So, he opened his mouth wider and i shit with the farts. Ill push my shit him in the mouth. You want to be on the site of my slave? Download Close to my toilet movie

Chat with Consequences P2

Lady Missy has shit now. The slave opens his mouth, Lady Missy crouches over his mouth and presses the big turd from her butt. The poop plops right into his mouth. All ladies are curious if he swallows everything. Mistress Michelle pisses the other slaves in his mouth. Download Chat with Consequences P2 movie

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