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Desperation Made her Shit Near the Highway!

She is driving on her way to her parents house when her stomach starts to grumble. Normally, she would run to the nearest restroom and take a dump in there, but right now, who gives a shit? She pulls over, goes out of the car and squats right there on the side of the road. Pee and shit burst forth from her tight asshole. She wipes herself with tissue and leaves chunks of solid shit on the ground. Download Desperation Made her Shit Near the Highway! movie

Chicken Dine and Dump

Look at this chicken! I?ve got an entire bird all nice and cooked and ready to be eaten! I?m going to eat it all! I?m going to fill my belly with this yummy chicken and it?s going to turn into my poop! I love thinking about what my food is going to look like when I shit it out. It turns me on knowing that everything I eat will turn into big delicious turds that I squeeze out of my ass! Watch as I eat the chicken! Then, days later, I shit out a huge chicken filled shit right on top of the carcass and bones! Enjoy this fun Dine and Dump video! Download Chicken Dine and Dump movie

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