Scat at the balcony P1

Lady Sandy and Mistress Michelle are relaxing together on the bed and watch television a little and talk about some things. One of Mistress Michelles toilet slaves are waiting at the balcony for his treatment. than Mistress Michelle starts with his human toilet education. Download Scat at the balcony P1 movie

Lick- and swallow-slave in the flat-share (Part 1)

Chantal uses her slave as boot licker. Her very muddy boots have to be licked for 20 minutes. Chantal tortures him with after-shave lotion on his fresh wounds. Also a burning cigarette is stubbed out in his mouth. Afterwards she fills a big glass with piss and orders the slave to drink all. You can see her filling the glass to the edge. Download Lick- and swallow-slave in the flat-share (Part 1) movie

Mistresss toilet! – Part 2

Part 2 is where she shits on me and I am not surprised of how much poo she can unload.. It just keeps going and going? then she rides my face, smothering me with her shit everywhere in my face but I LOVE IT! She thinks its my punishment but she doesn?t know how much i love her SCAT! Download Mistresss toilet! – Part 2 movie

Stocking mistress feeds slave scat and golden juice!

She orders him to remove her panties and lick her cunt to make it soaking wet. She aims her wet cunt and pisses full power into his face. She pisses into a cup, drinks the liquid, and spits the pee into his mouth! He fingers her ass to stimulate her hole then she aims on his face and chest and sprayed her sticky shit all over him. She rubs the shit all over his face and chest. Then she licks her own shit and scatters it all over his mouth! Download Stocking mistress feeds slave scat and golden juice! movie

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