Pooping for Foot Fetish Scat slave

Clip starts while I am naked laying on my back, ass spread, legs in the air and modelling my long size 11 feet. I zoom the camera and poop while still laying on my back. I was constipated and you can hear me as I push because I had a hard time to make this poop come out! Poop is long and hard (Type 3 Bristol chart). You can hear me moan with satisfaction after the poop is finally out of me! You can also see some creamy pussy juice running down to my asshole. I show my asshole and do some gaping after pooping. Then I show you my poop in many angles. I cut my poop in half and show you the inside of the poop. Then I show my face with soles flexing in and out in straightened leg position next to my poop. I zoom in to show my soles next to my poop. I step on the pile of poop and crush it from close-up side view. I show different close-up angles of the poop crush. I lay on my back and show my dirty soles showing my face. I zoom in to show close-ups of my dirty soles. I ask you to lick my dirty soles clean with your tongue. Download Pooping for Foot Fetish Scat slave movie

Amandas 1st and 2nd times Iphone/Ipod

2 clips for 1 low price!!! We had the toilet go out again and look for a complete stranger to use him and he came back with 22 year old Amanda. She was very nervous but took a nice dump in the slaves face in her 1st vid. Three days later she comes back to do another and this time shits out a long nasty log in the toilets mouth. He eats some of her log and then licks the rest of the shit clean from her asshole. Download Amandas 1st and 2nd times Iphone/Ipod movie

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