Wellness Scat P3

Now Lady Marie must pee, she bends down to about the slaves mouth and lets it run. The piss is flowing into the throat of the toilet slave who swallows everything. Then Mistress Michelle has also pee. She makes it in the same way as Lady Marie and pees the slaves directly into his mouth. Suddenly Mistress Michelle has shit again. Well then just shit in his mouth, hahaha. Now chew and swallow all the shit toilet slave. Well, then he get with the cane on his ass, hahaha… Here you get the Femdom Parts: http://www.yezzclips.com/store598 Download Wellness Scat P3 movie

double shit today

today is a day as everyday. outside the rain is falling, inside the cats are shiting at a slave. First domi cat, then kimi cat, then domi cat again. some pissing inbetween, lucky slave swollows all, thats inside, outside the rain is falling what a boring day for everyone exept the cats and the slave while outside the rain is falling inside the cats are shitting! Download double shit today movie

School teacher visit human public toilet!

Here is another one of our highly valued episodes of the public human toilet and what better way to enjoy it than to have a school teacher visiting and squatting to deliver her sweet golden shit into the mouth of our captive slave?! We think you will enjoy this as much as our slave does! Just see the way he cleans her shitty asshole with his tongue after consuming her delivery! Download School teacher visit human public toilet! movie

Farting In My Pretty Panties!

I love to push out stinky farts! It is such a sexy, little relief every time I let a big stinker out of my butt! I love the smell of my pretty little butthole! And I love how wet and drippy my pussy gets when I have really bad gas! In this video I talk dirty to you and masturbate for you as I let out fart after fart! I am sure you are going to enjoy the nasty sights and sounds! I wish you could smell these farts too! They sure are stinky! Enjoy! Download Farting In My Pretty Panties! movie

Very sexy i shit a mega sausage

So hot styling i make you very hot with my tanga ass!! Make you very horny with my Dirty Talk…… Then i Lie on the table and open the rosette with my fingers!! Then he comes a very very long and big sausage!! My ass is smeary and you can see so near the big portion of shit!! The sausage is 25 cm long,come slave,want you eat my big shitting? Download Very sexy i shit a mega sausage movie

It runs in the family 1080p HD

We couldnt believe it when we heard that Mistress Rayven and Cassie Sparx mother..yes MOTHER!!! wanted to shit in the toilets mouth. Shes an over 40 something year old with a big ass and just like her daughters puts out a massive shit load for the toilet to eat. We added the shitting action in slow motion so you can see the huge dump coming out her ass. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download It runs in the family 1080p HD movie

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